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The Performance Power GridThe Performance Power Grid presents the first Enterprise and Business Performance Management methodology in the market, and has gained traction in some of the most notable fortune 500.  Modeled after an electrical power grid, it expands EPM/BPM beyond simple dashboards, scorecards and BP&F initiatives, into the realm of creating sustainable superior organizational performance.  Called a "practical, hands-on blueprint for optimal business performance" and a "must-do," the method presents a management model for the twenty-first century.

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 J. Wiley & Sons, Publisher
John Wiley & Sons, 2006, Business Theory
$27.95 US/ $35.99 CAN/ £16.99 UK
ISBN: 0-470-05144-2
EAN: 978-0-470-05144-3
Praise for the Power Grid
“The Performance Power Grid gets it right.  Improving corporate effectiveness depends greatly upon determining the fundamentals that solve the performance puzzle. Giannetto and Zecca articulate important fundamentals that organizations must get right to excel.   Namely, senior management garners power to change the dynamics when they achieve true clarity of their situation and the need for every individual in the enterprise to understand how the mission relates specifically to their role.”
:::Stephen C. Savage, SVP Integration/Planning, Computer Associates
“As a senior financial executive in a large public company, I am always looking for ways to improve our performance.  The Power Grid is a must read for any financial executive looking for a performance methodology and keen insight into the varied issues financial executives face on a day-to-day basis.”
:::Karen Maloney, CFO, Scholastic
"I long believed that there was a better way to provide my organization with the information it needed but there were always too many moving pieces  and too much scattered information.  Giannetto and Zecca brought a clarity and focus to our environment that set us on the road to greater performance.  The Performance Power Grid captured that process and puts it in terms that can be applied to any organization wishing to achieve and sustain greater performance.  Not only a 'must read', but a must do."
:::Lawrence Yellin, Controller, Fuji Film USA
“David Giannetto and Anthony Zecca frame the essential elements of organizational excellence, and through their grid they've created a compelling, programmatic approach for success. The Performance Power Grid is a practical, insightful, hands-on blueprint for optimal business performance.” 
:::David Blansfield, Publisher, Business Performance Management Magazine
“Everyone is talking about [business] performance management.  While there are lots of books filled with esoteric theories about how to increase performance in an organization, the 'Power Grid' presents a simple but compelling proposition: if you want to improve performance, make sure that you get everyone on the same page, align the organization from boardroom to cubicle and your performance will improve.  Practical advice that everyone should heed.” 
:::Jonathan D. Becher, President and CEO, Pilot Software
“I highly recommend ‘The Performance Power Grid’. With it CEO’s finally have a proven methodology at their disposal that will create and sustain superior organizational performance.”
:::Dieter Weissenrieder, CEO & Owner, Weiss-Aug
“The Performance Power Grid makes Business Performance Management practical and easy to adopt. It provides the direct examples necessary for socializing and improving performance in any business.”
:::Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research, Ventana Research
“If you want your organization to focus on the true measures of success, ‘The Performance Power Grid’ is required reading.”
:::Larry Schaefer, VP & CFO, Myron
“The Power Grid provides an innovative and refreshing view of managing performance that ties its principles to simple core tenets that have a deep impact on the organization, enabling it to succeed in an ever evolving marketplace.”
:::Michael Tipping, President and CEO, performancesoft
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