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GSMI's Governance, Risk & Compliance Conference - View the slides used at the workshop event on Implementing a Holistic GRC Program April 28, 2010.  Click Here...

BPM Magazine -
Improving Process Improvement: How BPM Can Amp Up Returns - Giannetto comments on how BPM can increase the ROI for an organizations process improvement efforts.

BPM Magazine -
Getting Your Money's Worth - Giannetto reviews the critical mistake and keys to success in effectively tying employee compensation to performance.

BPM Magazine
- Method or Madness - Dec 2008 - Giannetto provides industry professionals and practitioners alike with insight into what is necessary to allow BPM to make the transition to a lasting methodology. 
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BPM Magazine
- Securing BPM's Longevity - Dec 2008 - Giannetto talks with former BPM Magazine Editor Meg Waters on the sustainability of BPM as an approach and methodology. 

Business Finance Magazine -
BPM's Leading Lights and Guiding Stars - Seattle City Light wins the 2008 Vision Award for its EPM implementation and becomes the second Giannetto client to win. 
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US Business Review
- It's Not Easy Being Green - Will a green marketing campaign, or green strategies really prompt customers to consume more, or pay more? 
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David Giannetto keynotes Mediacom Communication's bi-annual management conference. 
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Larry Berardinis of Penton Media/MSD comments on the role of David Giannetto during these tough economic times. 

ChannelPro - The Upside of the Downturn - Trying to survive the economic downturn?  7 strategies that will help you get through these hard times. 

BioWorld - With Money at 5-year Low, Biotechs Getting Creative - David Giannetto comments on what biotechs might do during these tough times. 

US Business Review - Reality Based Budgeting - Budgeting, planning and forecasting, and creating budgets that translate from your G/L to your business management - without killing you. 
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NY Daily News - City's small businesses get creative to make it through the downturn by Elizabeth Lazarowitz. 
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US Business Review - Trying to become customer-centric and find your "customer critical path"  Learn how...

US Business Review - Beyond the Balanced Scorecard - It is possible to create a substantial improvement in performance using the balanced scorecard.  Find out how...

InterScience/Employee Relations Today - Trying to empower your employees and drive the bottom line at the same time? 
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US Business Review - Common-Sense Sarbanes-Oxley - Trying to get a return on your investment on SOX?  It isn't easy but risk-based auditing might just be the answer. 
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IT Business Edge - The magazine interview David Giannetto for his view on "turning data into information". 

Supply & Demand Chain Executive - How can EPM live up to the promises that supply chain management never has? 

US Business Review - Clear Picture - How can EPM help you better understand what drives your business?  Read more...

US Business Review - Data In Real Time - How to reduce executive vulnerability with virtual corporate governance. 

Market Wire - How did FujiFilm and Cohn Consulting Group revolutionize the rebate industry? 
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Business Finance Magazine - Upfront - 2006 - The Magazine review the release of The Performance Power Grid

Business Finance Magazine - BPM Scales New Heights - 2004 - Writer Eric Krell discusses FujiFilm's work with the EPM practice of Cohn Consulting Group and winning the BPM Vision Award. 

BPM Magazine - BPM Breathes New Life - 2004 - How can BPM extend the life of outdated systems and still give management the information they need?  It is surprisingly easier than you might think. 
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- Video interview after GSMI's Green Data Center Conference in San Diego.  Available on YouTube.

The Informed Manager Web Series

- Session 1: Next Generation Budget, Planning & Forecasting - VIEW SLIDES (pdf)

Click View Slides to see Images

Financial Executive International Interview
on the Power Grid and creating superior performance

Business Finance Interview
- The Performance Power Grid book release interview

Central Valley Business Times Audio Interview
- New Ways of Measuring Business Performance with making better use of measures and metrics

Builder Radio Media Network Interview
- Customer Centric Truth, putting the customer first

Tim Knox Show Interview
- Performance Power Grid Methodology

Press Releases
- Managing Through the Economic Downturn
- Beyond the "Customer-Centric" Buzzword
- Beyond the Balanced Scorecard
- Initial Press Release
- Initial Book Release Sidebar
- Vince Giannetto, III named Master Carver and David Giannetto named as Apprentice

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