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Enterprise Performance Management
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) evolves beyond core budgeting, scorecarding, and reporting solutions

The Telos Group are the designers and implementers of today’s leading, award-winning EPM methodology: The Performance Power Grid, The Proven Method to Create and Sustain Superior Organizational Performance (release in book form by J. Wiley & Sons, 2006).  The Performance Power Grid is a practical framework, applying the idea of an electronic power grid to the business arena, helping managers channel the energy of employees into the proper tasks, processes, and projects that truly drive organizational performance.  The methodology bridges the gap between the boardroom and the cubicle, strategy and action, linking finance to the edge of the enterprise, driving performance in real-time.

What We Offer
  • Assess or select the technology you need at each critical point in the Management Information System (MIS) layer – Data Extraction & Transformation, Data Consolidation & Storage, Data Cleansing and Information Reporting
  • Select and/or implement the right Information technology: Hyperion, Cognos, Microsoft, Actuate, Tagetik, or any of the other leading technologies in this arena
  • Select, create or define the metrics that matter most to your organization – our methodology offers the first clear process to determine what metrics you should be using to manage your organization
  • Define the critical information model that will make information consistent and deliverable throughout the organization
  • Create a roadmap that takes your organization from where it is today to an information rich future, include the costs, people, process and technologies you will need
  • Consolidate reporting from multiple platforms to create on uniform picture of performance

Further Information

This methodology lets management to understand, measure and monitor performance and focus attention to those areas where it is needed most.  The approach assists management in shifting focus away from the daily fires, towards the tactics that will achieve their greater objectives.

  • Transform your budgeting process to provide management with a reliable road map into the next operating cycle
  • Better understand core process information flow to improve effectiveness and efficiency of overall processing
  • Leverage customer data analysis to improve profitability and build loyalty
  • Cut costs across the supply chain to compensate for shrinking profit margins
  • Transform operational data into actionable information for better business planning and predictive management

Using technology as a platform for change, data is turned into knowledge, giving new insight and a greater depth of understanding into our clients’ business.  An organization is taken from historical paper reports to managing in virtual real-time—just a few clicks away from understanding why daily performance is what it is, and what is impacting it. Using this approach, direct outcomes may include enhanced customer satisfaction, sales growth, and reduced inventory and overhead costs.  This market proven approach has:

  • Contributed to a two year industry-wide competitive advantage for a major high-tech consumer goods distributor
  • Allowed the largest pension fund organization in the world to realize a significant industry cost advantage by shifting the main driver of their workload to a customer portal, thereby outsourcing this work to their 27 agencies, while improving their overall customer value proposition
  • Helped organizations delay the purchase of new ERP-level applications by leveraging their existing software investments
  • Refocused the IT vision upon the timely delivery of critical information, incrementally cutting costs, improving the effectiveness of financial operations, and properly positioning the IT organization to operate effectively in a changing environment
  • Assisted a major health plan provider improve operational performance, and reduce the long-term cost of care and administrative costs.

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